Lincoln Gardens Farm

Locally Grown

Lincoln Gardens is located in the Qu’Appelle Valley near Lumsden Saskatchewan. Lincoln is a vegetable, herb and pumpkin farm. We market our products at the Regina Farmer’s Market and at our on-farm shop the Corn Maiden Market.

BC Fruit & Saskatchewan made products such as jams, pickles and baking are also available in our on farm shop.

What We Do

We grow a wide selection of seasonal vegetables right here on our farm in the Qu’Appelle Valley. A long history of vegetable growing and a strong understanding of our valley micro climate means that we have a bountiful crop each season.

We attend the Regina Farmers Market during the summer months bringing a truck load of fresh produce to downtown Regina. The availability changes each week so check in to see what has been harvested.

Lincoln Gardens is large pumpkin farm supplying the local region with halloween pumpkins. Our farm is decorated for fall with displays of pumpkins and gourds for family photos. 2020 saw the addition of a creative and terrifying haunted house.

Growing your fresh garden produce since 1987

OPEN for the 2022 Season

We are now open for 2022 season. Produce selection changes day by day but for a general idea of what is available seasonally please see our harvest availability page here

See you Soon!

Harvest Availability

This chart is a rough guide to what is available month to month; this will vary dependant on weather. Lincoln Gardens opens in July and closes Oct 31st each season. BC Fruit is available seasonally. Locally made jams, jellies, pickles & baking are restocked weekly. JulyAugustSeptemberOctoberXBeansXXBeets (bunched)Beets (bunched)Beets (bunched/bulk)Beets (bulk)XBroccoliBroccoliBroccoliCarrots (baby bunched)Carrots (bunched)Carrots (bunched/bulk)Carrots (bulk)XCabbageCabbageCabbageXCauliflowerCauliflowerCauliflower…

Lincoln Gardens ~ Photo Gallery

These photos give you an idea of what happens in the Lincoln Gardens fields and around the farm. Vegetable production is labour intensive with many crops grown from seed in a greenhouse, transplanted into the field by hand, weeded by hand, picked by hand, washed and packaged all by hand!

Pumpkin Patch & Haunted House

We are known for our massive outdoor and indoor pumpkin displays. Every year Lincoln Gardens grows acres of pumpkins for wholesale distribution to the YQR area.  We also have pumpkins available for sale to customers who visit the farm. We grow so many varieties of pumpkins from wee little ornamental ones to huge 100lb beauties.…